CBD Dog Treats 5mg Each
CBD Dog Treats 5mg Each
CBD Dog Treats 5mg Each

CBD Dog Treats 5mg Each

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Not only will your dog love these yummy treats, they will also see the benefits that 5mg of CBD given 2 or 3 times daily will do for their mood due to stress and anxiety, joint pain as well as an immunity boost.  

Hemp interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System. This system carries a crucial role in regulating: pain & inflammation, muscle spasms, digestive issues, nervous behaviors, skin irritations, naturally occurring aging issues, as well as overall health and wellness.

CBD is known for stress relief and relaxation in people and pets of all kinds. Native Cultivations cultivates certain strains for it's CBD production. It is then extracted and infused into topical, ingestible and inhalable products that will provide our customers with a daily routine of using CBD in every area of your life.

Why choose us?

Vertical Integration

We grow, harvest, process, and package our own products.

Organic Practices

Our hemp is grown using organic best practices.

What is CBD rich hemp used for?


We love the overall calming effect, especially useful for relieving anxiety.

Pain Relief

We especially love hemp flower after a hard workout.


Hemp has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties.