Make CBD Oil at Home: Dry Ice Extraction

Make CBD Oil at Home: Dry Ice Extraction

The dry ice extraction method is another method of CBD extraction that can be performed at home. This method does take more time and effort than oil extraction.


Here is what you need to gather:

•  3 pounds of dry ice.
•  A mirror
•  A paint scraper
•  Thick heat resistant gloves and eye protection.
•  5-gallon plastic bucket, clear
•  3 bubble hash mesh bags: 73, 160 and 220 microns.
•  3 large glass jars to use as storage.

Put on your gloves and chosen eye protection, then chop up the cannabis plant into small chunks and place it in the bucket. Make sure to cover the chunks with the dry ice then leave it for 3 minutes; try only to fill the bucket halfway. This will result in the freezing of the trichome resins.

Next, put the 73-micron bag over the bucket, shake the bucket for 4 minutes; to knock the frozen trichomes off.

Turn the bucket upside down on the mirror and then shake as much of that resin through the mesh bag as possible. Next, scrape the hash off the mirror with your scraper and place it into one of the jars. Repeat with the 160 and 220-micron mesh bags; this will give you three distinct strains.

This method is little involved but easily doable. It also will leave very little in the mess department. You will get a much higher yield than with oil extraction.

However, if you accidentally shake it too long, you could create a lower quality product. Ordering online is pretty much the only option for getting those three pounds of dry ice.

This method has to be done with a lot of care. Following along with this video to help you as you go:

Excerpt From: Robert R Sanders. “CBD & Hemp Oil Alchemy Healing through CBD Oil & Hemp.”