Consulting Requests Come in Strong for 2020!

Jamie Lowell and Toni on a Thompson/Lowell visit!

There are a lot of Consultants in the Hemp and Cannabis Industry. You could say that we are saturated with educational workshops and events. You can find seminars in Michigan with groups such as MICBD and IHEMP that will provide you with the Education to navigate this Industry.

We started our feasibility study for Cannabis Sativa L by attending such events as these. We learned how to apply for licensing, build a business plan with projected financial sheets, how to test our soil and how to fix our soil to grow specifically for Industrial Hemp.

We had to find where to buy seeds, how to start seeds, how to lay out our field with mulch and irrigation, how to test THC for the State, for CBD specifically we had to check for males, how to harvest, how to dry, how to declare products and how to sell. 

We made it all of the way through the first season for Michigan. We were approved after testing to harvest so we were able to experience the entire cycle from seed to sale.

This puts Native Cultivations in a perfect position to consult for you!

Since consulting is very specific each contract will vary so I can't give you an amount unless it is subject to change to fit each specific need.  Some of you will want seeds and some coaching with the seeds. Some will need rules and licensing assistance. Some of you will go through the whole start to finish with us farming along side of you.

Are you interested in consulting with us about your grow?  Contact Native Cultivations to talk about your project.