Native Cultivations Premium Hemp for sale CBD Traverse City Michigan Native Cultivations Premium Hemp for sale CBD Traverse City Michigan
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Hemp for Victory, Once Again

We value cannabis and hemp for their many benefits. Having seen these benefits first-hand, we are passionate about what we do. There are many reasons why this is true for us. Growing hemp produces many wonderful products and results. 

2019 Harvest

High quality hemp grown on our farm in Traverse City, Michigan.
Native Cultivations Organic Premium Hemp Flower for sale
Native Cultivations premium cherry wine hemp flower field

Cherry Wine Organic Hemp Flower 15% CBD

Regular price $35.00

Strain: Cherry Wine

CBD Content: 15%

Grown:  Outdoor

Farm:  Native Cultivations, Traverse City, Michigan

Terpene Profile:  Herbal, Peppery, Hoppy

Aroma: Sweet cherry notes with hints of cheese and black pepper

Made from a blend of Charlotte’s Cherries and The Wife, the Cherry Wine hemp strain has an impressive average CBD content.  Even at extremely low doses, users can get an extremely relaxed vibe from these fruity flowers.

The two strains that make Cherry Wine are also famous indica-sativa hybrids on their own. For instance, Charlotte’s Cherries is a blend of Charlotte’s Web and Colorado Cherries. On the other hand, The Wife is a hybrid CBD strain of undisclosed genetics. Since both of these strains have a strong cherry flavor, the taste is extremely pronounced in the Cherry Wine strain.

Cherry Wine is a perfect addition to any hang as it has been known to improve mood and mildly stimulate with its many terpenes and cannabinoids. The refreshing fruity flavor of this strain helps induce a state of calm that is comforting without couch locking the smoker.


Bubba Oregon Feminized Hemp Seeds
Bubba Oregon Feminized Hemp Seeds
Bubba Oregon Feminized Hemp Seeds

Bubba Oregon Feminized Hemp Seeds

Regular price $13.00
Bubba Lineage x Oregon Cherry starts fast and strong with big leaves and strong stalks as babies! This is a beautiful cross that will provide you with Flowers that blow your mind! Recommended for smokable flower grows. 
Native Cultivations CBD Concentrate for sale

CBD Super Clear Concentrate 1oz

Regular price $420.00
This concentrate can be used with any dabbing method to give you a faster acting CBD serving that you just can’t experience through ingesting or vaping. Dabbing brings forth the full force of CBD by direct combustion, but is only safe and efficient if the dab oil itself is safe and of top quality.
Native Cultivations CBD Hemp Seeds
Native Cultivations Hemp Field

Michigan Cherry Hemp Seeds High CBD

Regular price $5,000.00
Fast sprouting strong genetics come with these seeds! You will not regret your choice to go with a hearty Michigan Cherry! Michigan Cherry is a breed that was designed specifically for fast sprouting and good resilience to Northern Michigan weather.
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Native Cultivations is much more than a CBD and cannabis company; we aim to improve the quality of life for our loyal customers and represent the greater Native American community. 

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We are committed to natural remedies and sustainability.  Our legal industrial hemp is grown in Northern Michigan pursuant to a cultivation license from the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  Click the link below for more information.

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